16 works by a barber from California, who does not hide the gray hair of his clients, but highlights it

Have you ever thought that gray hair has its charm?

Jack Martin, an expert in coloristic, shows us how beautiful gray hair looks. Its customers are delighted with the new color!

Jack Martin, California hairdresser.

Jack specialized in this painting technique.

Before dyeing your hair carefully choose the color, it must be as close as possible to the natural one. 

Thanks to her mastery, women no longer have to dye their hair.

In addition, I do not hide my gray hair anymore.   

This hairdresser has golden hands!

Because he is a very good specialist, it is very difficult to find him. 

When Jane Fonda tried to schedule, she replied that he was very busy. However, he found time for her too. The barber says it is difficult to cancel appointments because some customers come by plane from other countries, stay at the hotel. 

The barber shows, on his Instagram page, what are the steps to follow to obtain such results.

He is not afraid that competitors will use his secrets.

According to Jack, the barber’s skill matters the most.  

In addition, he is very happy if someone manages to do this as well as he does.

This new trend is gaining ground, becoming a favorite of many women.  

Thanks to this interesting technique, many women are starting to give up paint.

Jack has more and more clients.

Some women are not prepared for a radical change of image.

That is why the barber advises them to try a wig first.    Would you have the courage to try such a change of look? We look forward to your comments!

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