The concept of intelligence emotional is a relatively new but is found in the early stages still in antiquity, according to the statement of Socrates, „Know yourself you love yourself “. It involves understanding your own emotions and those of others around you and is highlighted in personal development, helps to self-assess emotions and manage them, to improve self-image and relationships with others.

How we interpret what we feel influences strongly our behavior and, therefore, has an important impact on interacting with people in life our, whether in the family, colleagues work or school, friends or people you meet for the first time. If we know how to evaluate what we think and feel, we can deal with certain difficult situations we face or we can change the course of a conversation, a meeting or a dispute.

People with intelligence emotional heightened tend to be more flexible and responsive, I can still easy to learn the behavior and actions of others, know to mediate conflicts, empathize with others and fight faster emotions negative. It is important to realize what you feel to enjoy the benefits of intelligence emotional: a life more relaxed, a better job, relationships good and long lasting with others, a mood better confidence in himself and the desire of to progress. But not all people who have these skills use them for good purposes, but use them for negative purposes, such as manipulating or influencing the weakest, less emotionally intelligent , to achieve their own goals or to gain in -a certain situation , to the detriment of others . Some people are easily impressionable and can become victims of those who wish to obtain benefits from them, sometimes without it they realize. They are vulnerable, and others can read their emotions and use them against them. Therefore it is worth introspection emotions and how to think and we improve intelligence emotional, because the actions of our is not only justified, but also of locate BC into a constructive, allowing us to accomplish it when someone tries to manipulate us or to influence our behavior to our detriment, but also to be open to change for the better, therefore, to positive influence.  

Emotional intelligence must be used to maintain our mental health, to generate respect, positive attitude, trust and orientation towards progress. In this way, interpersonal relationships would generate families that are more united, more efficient teamwork, good communication with those around you, and everyone has something to gain.

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