In this article I will not talk about ideals and great dreams, but about how to overcome the small inconveniences that make you grumpy and how to keep your good mood throughout the day; how to ICI turn one days monotonous, seemingly identical to yesterday, its NTR-one dishes, you have learned at least one new thing. It probably does not seem very important, but if you spend all your days gloomily, unwell because of problems that don’t really exist, you’ll one day come to the conclusion that you’ve lived so far most of the time in a state of monotony or ailment and sit thoughts to you remember when was the last time when you felt happy without a reason. We give too much importance to a few days a year, holidays, anniversaries or other moments that have a certain meaning , and we forget about the daily state, which defines us, makes us natural, to be ourselves. We forget to enjoy every day as much, we forget the present, and we are hanging or haunted by the past and worried about the future.

What can we do to overcome small daily problems? How can we maintain a good mood throughout the day? First, we must realize that we miss so many beautiful things that exist around us while we were hampered with thoughts and problems that often cannot be entered into. Someone told me a long time ago that you have to „embrace” the simple but magical places in your life and fully enjoy them with those you love.

Therefore, to have a good still at the beginning of the day, you need to start your day with the thought that it would be an excellent one. In the morning, open the large window and let the sun and fresh air enter the room. Turn on the music and drink two glasses of water. You will moisturize your internal organs and they will return to work faster, gaining energy. Do some exercises of refreshing to be able to revive and become active. Avoid leaving home without having breakfast, or at least a snack, preferably without meat, you will consume too much energy to digest it, you can opt for cereals and yogurt or milk. Before leaving, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you will have a great day. On the way to work or school does not have to think what will do there. Detach yourself and admire people, smile, greet, walk relaxed, listen to music, make sure you left early to enjoy this ritual. Each day pass besides new people and places near the pass are as apart as you want to see. Observe the beauty of places and people; be satisfied that you have the opportunity to enjoy all this. Make a respectful gesture without a stranger, you will feel better and the favor will return to you at some point.

At work, school, or place where ICI conduct activity greet everyone before you go to work. Avoid stressful situations as much as possible. If you are having difficulty solve them on the spot, you do not want to waste time thinking yourself and kneading yourself without solving anything, postpone only ICI increases stress. Do not panic! You will solve any difficulty you encounter anyway; it is just a matter of time. Gather, talk to someone, and ask for advice. Make fun of trouble, ironically yourself and keep -I trust that you are able to solve all difficulties. Talk often with colleagues, find common ground, and tell jokes. It is good to relax from time to time to eliminate tension. Do not talk bad about your co-workers or in their absence, you would not want the same thing to happen to you. Compliment someone; make him or her feel special. II can affect the state and this way everyone will create an atmosphere pleasant, enter -a relaxed environment. Even if someone talks to you the way you do not like it, talk to him calmly, serenely. Do not forget to watch their NTR one to see how long before you have to leave, but try to think about what you like to work you deposit or like if you do not bring your contribution. You will notice reasons to work with pleasure that you have not seen before. Pamper yourself, enjoy outdoor breaks, outdoors. You will completely detach yourself from what you have to do and your brain will be oxygenated, being able to effectively resume your activity, you will feel that you have really taken a break. A good mood improves your quality of life, changes your perception of things, and directs your decisions towards progress. A healthy mind keeps the body healthy.

Keep in touch with friends, family, call a friend or someone you miss and confess that. Listen to him from among your, get involved emotionally in the conversation will feel appreciated. To turn your, you’ll see that people will prefer to spend time with you, ICI will ask the opinion more often, it will account for much more. Nobody wants to around people apathetic unavailable. Enjoy nature, go out in the park, ride a bike, sit on the grass, do sports. Learn something new, read an article, a few pages from a book, then when you have the opportunity, share with someone else what you have learned or what you are thinking . Socialize as much as you can. Do not be ashamed to laugh aloud. Sing alone in the house. Relax, dance, and take a bubble bath. Always keep order on the desk, it helps you focus better and provides a state of calm. Be optimistic! Consider yourself in the moments that follow them live and tomorrow or in the future. Appreciate the people around you and make sure they know that even if you do not tell them directly. Try to forgive, to thank, to love, to laugh! Remember, the years are not lost, but gained!

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