Keep things straight and relax: 12 effective storage ideas for the balcony

No matter how much we do not like it, but with the cooling of the time outside, we have to spend more time at home. This means that we will keep the child’s bicycle and rollers on the balcony (of course, if you do not have a spacious house or a room reserved for storing these things). However, what if we want to enjoy the beautiful view of the winter outdoors or take a breath of fresh air without leaving the house? How to do it so that we can use the balcony not only for storage, but also for rest and relaxation?

The solution is to efficiently organize this space, using some multifunctional pieces of furniture. This way you will be able to combine the function of storage space, for all kinds of objects that you rarely use and the function of a place of rest and relaxation, where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

Today there are many models of cabinets, tables, bedside tables and even beds created especially for balconies!

The purpose of this furniture is to efficiently use the small space of the balcony and at the same time make it more useful, but also more comfortable. Of course, it is not so easy to achieve this effect, but if you approach the problem with all responsibility, then you can make with your own hands a storage system for the balcony – with cabinets, on which you can sit and keep in them all sorts of things. . We suggest you analyze these 12 variants of balcony arrangement from which you can be inspired:


Which of these options did you think was the most suitable for your balcony? We are waiting for your comments!

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