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Valentine’s Day is a day more than suitable to rummage in the collection of love movies. After the formalities, the surprises and the meetings on tiring heels, many couples retire to the house, in the heat, mostly watching a movie, and, given that it is the day of love, it is best to be a romantic movie. We have selected a list of the most beautiful love movies to see on this wonderful day:

The Reader

A shocking story about the connection between a 15-year-old teenager and a 30-year-old woman. He lives the most intense moments of adolescence and discovers his sexuality with her, and she discovers through him the world of books. She suddenly disappears from lives, will then years tainted by guilt and secrets untold.

Love Actually

With a distribution carefully chosen, it is the amazing story that shows the evolution of four couples in situations of life different. The film shows that love appears where you expect May least not always things go smoothly, make NDU yourself to feel the feelings maximum lovers and live together with them the same state of excitement.

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset  

One of the most appreciated movie series of all time. Two young men meet on a train in a journey through Europe and begin to talk, not to know that is to live the love story of the intense life of their own. They go down to Vienna and spend a romantic evening, walking the streets of the city, deciding to meet only in 9 years in the same place. After this time, the two meet again in Paris and, although they have matured, they discover that they still have many things in common, which will influence their decisions on the future.

The notebook

You can watch this love movie whenever you want to feel the emotion of the teenager. A boy poor to love a girl with wealth and parents face between them for a long period. Their drama changes their perspective on life and how they perceive love. The fact that the story she presents is very common in reality makes her loved and watched with suspense by all moviegoers, especially when it has a happy, spectacular ending. It is a lesson of life, showing that love can overcome any obstacle.

The English Patient

The film represents the drama, the almost impossible relationship of two friends, told by Count Almasy, between him and the wife of an Englishman who arrived in the desert for expeditions. The film has a tragic end, but the story it hides will remain eternal.

Shakespeare in Love

A combination of theater, music and poetry, a tribute to art and beauty, all framed in the middle of a love story, struggling in the prejudices of the time. A love that does not know the rules, time, space, and without regard than it itself. The film combines the love of art with the love of another soul.


From this film, we learn that those who oppose love and share destinies meant to share a common life will be followed for the rest of their lives by the oppressive remorse of the choice made. A masterpiece that depicts the helplessness, guilt, struggling with his own thoughts and feelings, BC into a landscape of love during war.

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