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Nature continues to amaze us – 25 splendid pictures, untouched by Photoshop!

Our planet is truly unique and wonderful, and the miracles that can take place at any time make us admire the world around us. All we have to do is observe and admire the beauty in front of us.

We are very happy to have the opportunity to see the splendid images that show us that nature is the greatest artist, and his masterpieces invite us to admire and respect them.

The following original photos beat any photos processed in Photoshop! 

1. A famous beach in Greece where a similar rock recently collapsed.

2. Tornado. Pay attention to the size of the wind turbines!

3. A forest fire.

4. The Belgian water canal: proved to be a very good solution.

5. What do you see from the office window?

6. The crane “caught” the moon.

7. A fantastic reflection of the world in one drop.

8. A real rainbow of colored smoke!

9. Autumn colors captured in the city.

10. The bear is not tamed, they were very lucky.

11. Gates of Heaven in Bali (Gates of Heaven).  

12. Night through the snow: the comfort of home.

13. Against the background of this giant.

14. Let’s set off!

15. You need to be able to get there.

16. A very beautiful photo, even if it is processed.

17. An amazing photo.

18. The peak of happiness for divers: an underwater statue.

19. Everyone prefers to climb this rock.

20. A wave near a ship.

21. Tropical tourist complex.

22. This place is called the „Jacob’s Fountain.” 

23. Hello!

24. What profession do you have?

25. The tourist hedgehog.

Which of these images impressed you the most? If you liked these pictures, be sure to give me a share!

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