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Spring asthenia is a general state of physical and mental fatigue that occurs as a reaction to climate change that occurs in the transition from winter to spring. Higher temperatures, increased brightness can tire the body, especially after it has had a diet richer in meat, canned food and heavy, fatty foods in winter and less in fresh fruits and vegetables. With the change of diet and living conditions, the body undergoes certain reactions in an attempt to adapt to new conditions; women are more prone than men, due to hormonal activity and more fragile emotional state. Asthenia affects:

– Physical condition: headache, fatigue, eating disorders, lack of appetite, fatigue throughout the day, drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, and muscle aches, weight changes, 

– Mental state: malaise, irascibility, sadness or even depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and interest, difficulty paying attention and concentration, low memory. 

Remedies to combat or prevent spring asthenia:

  •  Healthy eating – you need to eat healthier, more natural, eliminate fats. The diet should include fresh fruits, rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, apples, bananas, citrus fruits, natural fruit juices, teas, whole grains, salads, many green vegetables, which facilitate digestion and the body no longer consumes so much. A lot of energy as in the case of digesting fried foods or fatty foods. 
  •  Moving – Exercise daily, walk or run in the park at least twice a week, get involved in physical activities to gain energy and improve tone. You need to introduce the movement a little in the program, so as not to overwhelm the body. 
  •  rest – if you feel the need, add an extra hour of sleep to your regular schedule, to give the body to recover after the period of “hibernation” in which it consumed internal energy resources; relax when you feel the need. 
  •  avoid stress – avoid facing stressful situations, take longer breaks from demanding activities, try to maintain a stable mental state, go out with friends and surround yourself with loved ones, do what you like best, improve- your mood to avoid depression. 

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