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Tea consumption ranks second in the world after water consumption. It is native to Southeast Asia and is normally obtained by infusing the leaves of the plant “Camellia sinensis”. There are various types of tea, with multiple effects, but it is certain that it is a drink that is not missing from any corner of the world, regardless of culture. Tea offers multiple benefits to our body: 

  •  It has a relaxing, calming effect
  •  Improves circulation, reduces cholesterol, helps prevent heart disease, regulates blood pressure
  •  Helps to properly hydrate the body
  •  Reduces the risk of cancer
  •  Improves the immune and nervous system
  •  It is good for digestion and helps in weight loss
  •  It can reduce headaches, menstrual cramps, stomach aches
  •  It is a good energizer
  •  It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

Below are some examples of beneficial teas and what effects they have on the body:

Lime tea has calming effects, reduces anxiety, improves circulation and heart rate, keeps body temperature low, is recommended for treating insomnia, stress and nervousness and is recommended for treating colds. 

Mint tea is a good energizer, refreshing, reduces stress, has an analgesic effect, and helps in recovery from muscle fever, fights diarrhea and indigestion. Removes bad breath and maintains the health of the oral cavity. It is very good in relieving nausea and digestive problems. 

Green tea helps in weight loss, speeding up metabolism, is good at burning fat. It is one of the drunk teas, has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, can prevent certain types of cancer and helps eliminate free radicals. 

St. John’s worth tea reduces gastric acidity, has an antidepressant, calming, good effect in treating depression. It is often used to heal wounds and burns, having a healing role. 

Blueberry tea has the highest intake of antioxidants, helps detoxify the body and is used to fight urinary tract infections. 

Marigold tea has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, fights menstrual and headaches. It is recommended for people with gum problems and those with ulcers or gastritis. Widely used in the treatment of infections. 

To enjoy the beneficial effects of tea and an irresistible taste at the same time, we recommend you add a slice of lemon or orange and a few pieces of fruit, to give it a special flavor.

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