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What is the first thing that ICI comes to mind when you get out of bed? When you are still sleepy, you are not off yet the dream world and still yearn after cushion heated suddenly ICI remember the daily ritual that you follow either by necessity, pleasure or both – you are headed to the coffeepot, or some cases espresso or coffee filter. Is this the right time to do that? Probably yes, but the question is: when is it good to drink coffee? Therefore, if you do not drink it cold, it might be better to wait less time preparing his.

We are tempted we are going to pot immediately after we wake up because we want to become active as soon as possible so that we can resume activities of daily because caffeine is a good energizer that stimulates the nervous system, increases concentration and memory, improves condition of spirit. In addition, coffee contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and can prevent certain diseases. A cup of coffee can contain between 60mg and 130mg of caffeine. Consumed in moderate amounts, 1-2 cups a day, has beneficial effects on the body, but in larger quantities, over 2-3 cups a day, can lead to addiction or even illness.

It is good to consume coffee with a large amount of water, not to be very concentrated, because you can enjoy its invigorating effects more and, in addition, avoid dehydration. It is good to drink a glass of water before or after drinking coffee, as this can encourage the elimination of water from the body. Coffee prevents optimal uptake of iron in the body, so it is advisable to drink after 30-60min after you dining.

If you are in the morning, you need to consider the following: the level of cortisone in the body, a hormone that is responsible for the body’s natural energy, which interacts with caffeine, causing tolerance to this substance. Cortisone reaches maximum values ??around 8-9 in the morning, then around noon (12-13) and in the evening (17-18), if the person follows a standard, healthy sleep schedule. If you drink coffee during these intervals, you may develop a tolerance to coffee and the effect will be less felt, you will also feel more tired or sleepy, and you will want to increase the dose of caffeine. If you avoid these intervals, the effects will be felt successfully, benefiting from every drop of this wonderful drink that most of us worshiped. In conclusion, the best time to drink coffee in the morning is after 9am until 11am May you drink a second coffee after you dining for lunch , between 14 to 15, but not later , to avoid insomnia. Try to avoid consuming it on an empty stomach, and, do not forget, coffee does not replace sleep!

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